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Poster shows Aboriginal Liaison Network

DSS made a poster to put up in offices to show staff the national network of Aboriginal Liaison Officers.

Aboriginal Liaison Officers are available to assist you at these offices.

DSS, 1987
About the artefact

The Department of Social Security (DSS) made this map of the Aboriginal Liaison Network around 1987. It shows the location of 54 offices around the country where Aboriginal Liaison Officers (ALOs) worked.

ALOs helped Aboriginal customers access payments and services. The ALO role was quite well established by this point and the department was creating material to promote the work of ALOs to staff and customers.

DSS printed 5,000 posters and sent them to offices to promote the network and show the department’s engagement with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

DSS consulted with staff at the Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies about the design and content of the poster. The map style looks like rock art stencilling, where an artist blows a white ochre mixture over a design, creating an outline.

Source details

AIATSIS provided this digitised version of the poster and the original is held in their collections.


Department of Social Security (1987) National Aboriginal Liaison Network [poster], Australian Government, Canberra.