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Aboriginal Liaison Officers explain their role to customers

DSS made a video to show the work of Aboriginal Liaison Officers in Darwin and to remind customers of what they needed to let the department know about.

Aboriginal Liaison Officers are an important link between the community and Social Security. They are here to help you. Look for them when they next visit your community.

Glenn Castillon, DSS, 1986
About the artefact

In the 1980s, the Department of Social Security (DSS) began using videos to communicate to customers. This video showed customers how Aboriginal Liaison Officers (ALOs) could help and included key reminders.


In the video, Ben Cubillo, Ray Nagas and Glenn Castillon talk about their work as ALOs in the ‘Top End’ or the Northern Territory. They’re filmed working in the busy Darwin office, meeting with their regional manager and visiting the Belyuen community.

In one scene, the ALOs meet in the DSS office to talk about common issues for Aboriginal customers. A voiceover gives viewers reminders about what they need to do to keep getting their payments. It stresses that people need to sign forms, answer all questions on letters sent in the mail and tell the department if they move.

Still image from 'Aboriginal Liaison Unit in the Top End' video, showing a group of men in discussion in a conference room. The men are Ben Cubillo, Ray Nagas and Glenn Castillon and their supervisor.
Ben Cubillo, Ray Nagas and Glenn Castillon talking with their supervisor

The video shows ALOs as being available to help Aboriginal people access government payments. Videos like this are one of the ways DSS communicated important messages to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander customers.

Source details

This is an excerpt selected from the full video. It includes only people who gave permission. The full video and original VHS are held in the Department of Social Services Library.


Permissions to use this excerpt were granted by Ben Cubillo, Glenn Castillon, and Ray Nagas’s son Ray Nagas Jnr.


Department of Social Security (1986) Aboriginal Liaison Unit in the Top End [video], North Australian Film Corporation, Darwin.